Steven van den Beld (BeldArt) is a young Dutch artist who was born in 1997. From a young age he loved and wanted to create luxurious objects and art. In 2018 he moved to Amsterdam and from that moment he has always been surrounded by the different cultures, the chaotic canals and beautiful architecture in this inspiring and free city where nothing is wrong.

Since then, he started to develop and create his own style: Artworks, made from contemporary objects he saw everywhere around him in the city center of Amsterdam: fire extinguishers, skateboards, spraycans and surfboards. Steven combines objects with different kinds of paint, materials, bespoke brands and epoxy.

Starting off

In 2018, he was done with his study where he found out that he couldn’t express his creativity in for four years. In 2019 he started experimenting with graffiti and looking around for great art on walls in Amsterdam. From that moment the passion for art exploded and he started to think of designs for artworks. Combining his fantasy and luxurious brands with the artistic vibe where he lived in for the last years. There was no line between work and free time, and he started to build up many ways of modern art. After his first launch: the fire extinguisher, he made a couple of editions which were sold in no time.


This was the beginning of BeldArt’s artworks and his career. He took his time and brought out amazing new series of artworks; the skateboard series, spray cans, surfboards and had collaborations with the well-known Jasper Lijfering – Amsterdam Vintage Watches, The Villa – Antwerp, Wannahaves, BALR. and a lot of Dutch celebrities. After his latest releases he decided to go deeper into the creative vibes and took street posters off the walls in Amsterdam to make artworks with them.


In Holland, promoting party’s is often done with eye-catching posters, pasted on walls. In Steven his eyes these walls could go straight to museums. Today he is starting to use these kinds of street elements in his art more and more. His work will be made up of posters he collects from the walls of Amsterdam: “It must be seen as re-using the streets and recycling the city. It gives an edgy and living character to the painting. Street posters are never clean, bleached and scratched most of the time, this always gives the artwork a living character, as if it’s a part of the street. Everything with a nice colour-palette will be used.”


All artworks are handmade, unique one of a kind and finished by hand with several layers of epoxy. By adding these layers, he is able to create innovative and unique mix-media art with a fantastic 3D effect. His plan for the near future is to visit as much countries as possible, to capture the different street vibes on canvas. You will see a lot of new canvasses soon.