Steven van den Beld, also known as BeldArt, is a young Dutch artist born in the late 90s. His passion for creating luxurious objects and art has been evident since his early years. In 2018, he relocated to Amsterdam, where he found himself immersed in a melting pot of cultures, amidst the bustling canals, and surrounded by the city’s stunning architecture. Amsterdam, a place where creativity knows no bounds, became his muse.

Inspired by the diverse urban landscape of Amsterdam’s city center, Steven began to hone his craft and develop his unique style. His artworks are a fusion of contemporary objects commonly found in the city, such as fire extinguishers, skateboards, spray cans, and surfboards. Steven seamlessly blends these objects with various paints, materials, bespoke brands, and epoxy, resulting in striking and innovative creations.


Starting off

In 2018, he completed his studies, realizing that for four years he had been unable to fully express his creativity. In 2019, he began experimenting with graffiti and scouring the walls of Amsterdam for inspiring artwork. It was during this time that his passion for art ignited, and he started envisioning designs for his own artworks. Drawing from his imagination and incorporating elements of luxury brands, he fused his artistic vision with the vibrant atmosphere of the city he had called home for the past years. The boundaries between work and leisure blurred as he explored various forms of modern art.

Following the successful launch of his first series, featuring fire extinguishers, he quickly produced several editions that sold out rapidly. This marked the inception of BeldArt’s artistic journey and burgeoning career. Over time, he unveiled captivating new series, including skateboards, spray cans, and surfboards, collaborating with esteemed entities such as Jasper Lijfering – Amsterdam Vintage Watches, The Villa – Antwerp, Wannahaves, BALR., and numerous Dutch celebrities.

Driven by a desire to infuse his art with the raw energy of the streets, he began incorporating street posters into his works. In the Netherlands, promotional posters for events are often plastered on walls, and to Steven’s discerning eye, these walls resembled canvases fit for museum display. He increasingly integrates these street elements into his art, viewing it as a form of urban recycling that adds a dynamic and lived-in quality to his paintings. The imperfections and weathering of street posters lend a distinct character to his artwork, imbuing them with a sense of authenticity.

All of his artworks are meticulously handcrafted, ensuring that each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind. He meticulously applies multiple layers of epoxy by hand, resulting in innovative mixed-media art with captivating 3D effects. His near-future plans involve traveling to as many countries as possible to capture the diverse street vibes on canvas, promising an array of new and exciting creations in the pipeline.